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Purammon has developed a new physico-chemical process for ammonia removal from wastewater.

We offer a wide-array of innovative process solutions with excellent performance and the benefit of saving in both the initial and expansion investment and operation. Purammon's solutions are flexible, easy to operate, stable and fully modular. While the motivation to use physico-chemical processes for wastewater treatment has always been there, our process and products are the first to present a cost effective and practical solution that is suitable for both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Our solutions can be implemented for new designs as well as for existing plants, where ammonia presents a continuous challenge of high operational costs and poor performance - typical to traditionally used methods for ammonia removal from wastewater.

Our Innovation

Environmental pollution by wastewater occurs when contaminants are introduced to an ecosystem at a specific location. As a result, the regulation of discharges into water sources, water reservoirs and sea is an important aspect of the preservation of overall water quality and environmental ecosystem preservation. One of the most common pollutants which is also toxic to aquatic life is ammonia. Current methods for ammonia removal from wastewater are mainly biological and are based on bacteria. Bacteria are sensitive to environmental conditions and are difficult to control and maintain.

Responding to the pressing need for a new and better answer to the ammonia contamination problem, Purammon has developed and now provides the ultimate physico-chemical solution for the elimination of environmental contamination by ammonia presence in wastewater.


Our system is used in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants. It can serve either for main stream treatment, back stream for capacity expansion, or for ammonia polishing as a backup for main process occasional failures (where it may be very effective for meeting regulations).

It can be used for existing as well as for new wastewater treatment plants to decrease costs, improve stability and reliability and eliminate many types of common faults and failures. It can be applied within a short period of time, has a small foot-print and can be easily expanded according to changing needs.



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